Looking for a new bike in the Rs 1.5 lakh bracket – Feature

14th Jun 2019 5:55 am

Want the bike in for a long tour in the Himalayas. Looking for something with low maintenance, good fuel economy and torque. What are the best options?

I want to purchase a new bike with a minimum engine capacity of 150cc and dual-channel ABS. My budget is Rs 1.50 lakh, on-road. My intention is to take it on a long tour in the Himalayas. Please suggest something with low maintenance, good fuel economy and torque to go into the deep Himalayas.
Rajesh Popat, Ahmedabad

AAA – With your budget restrictions and requirement for dual-channel ABS, there aren’t too many options. In fact, the TVS Apache RTR is probably the only machine that will fit well within your budget and be able to handle a Himalayan excursion. The Yamaha FZ25 will come in just slightly higher than your budget, but offers a good bottom end from its engine and has just the kind of comfortable ergonomics you will appreciate up there; reliability is also a given. If you’re willing to step slightly out of your comfort zone, the new Hero XPulse 200 only features single-channel ABS, but will otherwise be a superb companion in the mountains. But though the XPulse has a decent bottom end, high-speed cruising is a not a strong point. We suggest you choose between the Yamaha and the Hero.

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