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Jawa vrooms into Nagpur, company aims to revive old bikesNagpur: Classic Legends, the company which has brought back 1960s’ Jawa motorcycles to the Indian roads also plans to revive the old bikes. As it has launched the cult brand of over four decades ago, there are plans to make the old models lying with the brand’s fans also more visible.
This may pull the next generation to buy the new motorcycles now launched in the market, feels the company.

The company opened its first agency in the city on Tuesday. Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, a Mahindra Group company was in the city for the showroom’s inauguration. He said the Jawa-Yezdi clubs running in the country were one of the inspiration for the company to bring back the brand. Not many in the age-group of 20s to 30s may have driven a Jawa, but seeing the classic models on the streets may prompt many. Even at present, a chunk of buyers come from the same age group. The number of old models may be limited, but seeing one may prompt many to go for a new one, says Joshi.

“The company is keen on maintaining the earlier models still kept by Jawa-Yezdi lovers. Efforts are being made to ensure supply of spares for the old bikes. We have already tied up with MRF for tyres, which are needed the most. Even the original equipment makers are being contacted for certain spares. The spares which are not available would be made on the basis of drawings,” Joshi told TOI.

Joshi who has passed out from the erstwhile VRCE, said even the old Jawa-Yezdi mechanics are being contacted and were called for the inaugural functions. Some of them were invited for the inauguration at Nagpur too. Joshi said that launch of the generation next Jawas has also revived the interest in the old models.

Of course the new Jawa would certainly not have the old engines which cannot be made due to the current pollution norms, he said.

Recalling the incident on how the whole deal happened, Joshi said initially when Mahindra came up with the Jawa plan, neither Rustomjee Group which had earlier launched the bike in India nor Czech company which had made the model were too keen on it. During the meeting Boman Irani of the Rustomjee Group spotted a picture in the company’s board room, and exclaimed that it was his father. The whole mood changed after that and an interest was revived like the memory. Nostalgia clicked and the deal was finalized and that is how we got also got the line — like father like son,” he said.

The dealership in Nagpur is the 10th in Maharashtra and 60th in the country. There are plans to open over 100 dealerships by mid-March. After that the company may take a break for a year or so, said Joshi.

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