Royal Enfield V-Twin Concept KX showcased

6th Nov 2018 9:22 pm

The new V-Twin powered concept motorcycle pays homage to the iconic Royal Enfield KX from the 1930s.

Royal Enfield showcased a new twin-cylinder concept at the 2018 EICMA motorcycle show. As reported by us earlier the new motorcycle was sporting an all-new V-Twin powerplant. While Royal Enfield officials didn’t share any details about the new motor but the ‘838’ badge on the engine leads us to believe that it’s an 838cc, liquid-cooled powerplant. And as we had mentioned before, the new Royal Enfield Concept KX pays tribute to the legendary Royal Enfield KX which was launched in 1936. Even the design of the V-Twin engine is reminiscent of the 1,140cc V-Twin as seen on the original KX but it’s an oil-cooled unit, unlike the air-cooled vintage motor.

Royal Enfield Concept KX

The Royal Enfield KX was marketed by the company as ‘the last word in luxury motorcycling’ and had a claimed top speed of 129kph. The Concept KX follows the same design language as seen on the vintage machine including the dark bottle green shade. However, it does get modern elements like LED lighting, all-digital console, cantilevered saddle,  twin disc brakes, girder fork and alloy wheels.

Royal Enfield claims that work on the Concept KX project started in March, 2017 and it was more of a fun exercise. However, we believe that the Concept KX is likely to hit production and will be the flagship offering in its portfolio. While the new Royal Enfield concept has us excited we must add it’s unlikely to be launched before 2020.

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