TCX RT Race Pro Air boot review

17th Jun 2018 7:02 am

The range-topping race boot from TCX.

I’ve been using the TCX RT-Race boots for many months now and they’re one of the best value- for-money race boots out there. My only issue with them was a lack of ventilation – and that’s where the RT-Race Pro Air model you see here, comes in. This is at the top of the TCX line-up and it’s effectively the same boot used by racing stars like Johann Zarco, Sam Lowes and Brad Binder.

The RT-Race Pro Air is based on the standard RT-Race but it brings some premium additions in the form of magnesium sliders that replace the regular boot’s polyurethane sliders on the toe and heel counter. Another big addition comes in the form of the new Michelin Burnout sole. This sole uses a dual compound structure and gets a detailed design inspired by the Powersport Evo tyre. This aims to increase grip and control, while also improving durability and abrasion resistance. While I had no complaints with the standard boot’s sole, the new one feels even more grippy, particularly on wet surfaces. And finally, as the name suggests, the microfibre material (faux leather; TCX doesn’t claim it to be otherwise either) is perforated, which helps brings some welcome ventilation on hot days at the track.

The rest is familiar with the same external flex control system which prevents hyperextension of the ankle in a crash situation. A ratcheted closure system with a secure metal clasp helps fine-tune the top of the boot around the rider’s calf and the fit is further secured through an inner bootie that laces up via an easy drawstring system. All-day comfort on the street is reasonable, but I find that the gaiter at the top tends to feel rough on the skin after a few hours, if you wear your pants over the boots. On the track, the boots feel superbly secure and tactile.

The RT-Race Pro Air brings some expensive goodies and, as a result, the price goes up enormously; the Pro Air is a huge Rs 14,500 more than the standard RT-Race. This may be okay for those who appreciate having the best there is, but if the price is too high for you, the standard RT-Race offers almost the same protection scheme and makes for great value if you’re looking for high-speed road or race track safety.


Price: Rs 37,000

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